Touchscreens and Interactive Displays

Simple to install and maintain, interactive touchscreens are ideal for collaboration and engagement in offices, classrooms, and public spaces.

Touchscreens and interactive displays provide a fast and intuitive interface for users, and can greatly enhance user and customer interactions. Users simply touch the display to make selections – no keyboard is required, saving space and complexity.

Interactive displays are versatile for any environment; from a meeting room and hotel lobby, through to a classroom, waiting room or airport.

Whether you’re looking for a seamless teaching and learning experience that brings content and classroom interactivity to life, or an exciting way to engage customers, we offer a range of high performing and durable touchscreens to meet your requirements.

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Clevertouch series


Clevertouch brings you the latest in multi touch technology integrated into lightweight and durable LED displays which are available in a range of sizes up to 84”. The crystal-clear HD resolution and high brightness anti-glare screens, allow images to be clearly visible from all angles in the room even with low or high light levels.

Clevertouch panels come with all the benefits of an interactive display in the classroom and meeting room, but without the drawbacks of the traditional interactive whiteboard. Clevertouch eliminates bright lights, annoying body shadow, routine maintenance, dim displays, and poor quality images.


Clevertouch Pro

Clevertouch Pro

The Clevertouch Pro is a highly versatile interactive touchscreen that can be used in a wide variety of professional settings including reception areas, hospitals, universities, meeting rooms and collaborative areas.

Whilst collaboration and screen sharing are at the heart of the Clevertouch Pro, a variety of integrated business apps provide unequalled flexibility. With a wide selection of common-sense connectivity, the Clevertouch Pro can find an invaluable role in many businesses, and provide a wonderful interactive experience for employees and customers.

The Pro also comes with several accessories to enhance the overall experience. For example, with the CleverShare wireless device you can control the Clevertouch Pro from anywhere in the room – simply plug the CleverShare into your laptop’s USB port and you can show and edit your laptop’s content on the Clevertouch screen.

The Clevertouch Pro is built without compromise. An all metal frame, 4mm safety glass, and a 5 year de-install/re-install warranty guarantees your Clevertouch will be enhancing your work space for many years.

Clevertouch Plus

Clevertouch Plus

Designed for education, Clevertouch Plus interactive touchscreens have found their home in the classroom. Clevertouch has none of the disadvantages of projectors: no obscuring shadows and no issues with bright light.

Built specifically for the demanding school, college, and university environment, the Clevertouch Plus is built without compromise. An all metal frame, 4mm safety glass, and a 5 year de-install/re-install warranty guarantees your Clevertouch Plus will be enhancing your classroom for many years.

Teacher-friendly features such as full internet access, child-proof screen lock, intuitive file management and common-sense connectivity leave Clevertouch at both the front of the classroom, and at the fore-front of learning.

A larger, 4K, 10-point touch version of the Clevertouch Plus is available.

Clevertouch V-Series

The V-Series is the perfect value solution for smaller budget but with all the essential features of the Clevertouch Plus but without the Cleverstore or integrated apps of the Plus or Pro range. Much of the software and all the accessories of the Pro and Plus range are available as optional extras for the V-Series. The V-Series is ideal for use in professional settings such as offices, reception areas, meeting, and training rooms, yet robust enough for use in schools, colleges, and universities.



The Cleverstore is the first of its kind, and only available on the Clevertouch Plus and Plus 4K.  It is a free, dedicated educational App store where all apps (even those from familiar developers with big-name licenses) have had all advertising and in-app purchases removed, allowing educators to use them in the classroom with confidence.


Full HD and 4K Ultra HD interactive flat panels powered by Prometheans’ Android™ processor revolutionize the modern classroom by creating a connected and collaborative learning environment.



The ActivPanel’s modern, sleek design will fit in perfectly in your classroom, whether mounted on a wall or mobile stand. The next generation interactive flat panel  comes with Full HD and 4K Ultra HD displays designed to enhance the classroom viewing experience and interaction amongst students.

ActivInspire Software

ActivInspire Software

Promethean’s award-winning software, ActivInspire, sets a new standard for interactive presentations. With ActivInspire, gain instant access to a multitude of rich resources and content, such as images, videos, sounds, templates and gesture touch applications that make presentation development and delivery easy for today’s multimedia-savvy audience.

SMART Board and screen


Built with the best in touch and collaboration technology and based on over 25 years as an industry leader, SMART Board interactive displays offer students and teachers an unrivalled natural learning experience.

SMART BOARD 6000 series

SMART Board® 6000 series

The SMART Board® 6000 series offers a premium touch experience, superior collaborative features and 4K Ultra HD resolution. The 6000 series provides reliability, simplicity, and intuition to help you teach, collaborate and share. The interactive displays are available in 55″, 65″ and 75″ models. Powered by SMART Learning Suite.

SMART BOARD® 4000 series

SMART BOARD® 4000 series

The SMART Board No matter the teaching style or classroom environment, give students the best in collaboration technology. Now available in 65″, 70″, 75″ and 84″ models. Powered by SMART Learning Suite.

SMART Learning Suite

SMART Learning Suite

SMART Learning Suite combines lesson delivery, assessment, student collaboration and game-based learning software into one ultimate education suite. It connects students, teachers and devices to turn lessons into enriching learning experiences.

avocor touchscreens and panels


Avocor interactive touchscreens deliver a familiar, easy to use and secure application to the classroom. With unique and first-to-market concepts, the new VTF series makes a break from the market trend of embedding Android, favouring instead a Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. The touchscreens also come complete with InGlass™ touch technology, the first in the education sector to boast this unrivalled technology. Available in a range of sizes: 65”, 75” and 84″.

Avocor VTE-range

Avocor VTE-Range

Avocor™ 65” VTE interactive display represents innovative direct-view LED technology. Combining full HD 1080p resolution, unparalleled image quality with precise and fast 10 touch response using high-resolution infrared touch technology. The durable, sleek, fan-less professional design has a super-slim 22mm bezel keeping the attention of the class focused on the razor-sharp images of this commercial grade panel which has full connectivity options including room control. In addition to 3 pre-set light settings, the energy saving controls enables the active ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness of the display saving on running costs.

Avocor VTF Range

Avocor VTF-Range

The Avocor™ VTF touchscreen series includes a built-in Intel quad core processor running Windows 10 operating system. This allows you to access, manage and create content, use familiar software packages, browse the Internet and gain access to the Windows store, all in a safe and familiar environment. The Avocor VTF series incorporates revolutionary InGlass™ touch technology that can precisely recognise the size of the object touching it, and can easily differentiate between a pen, finger, eraser or palm. Experience superb performance whilst writing with the 3mm tipped passive stylus.

BenQ screens, panels, touchscreens, projectors


Keep your pupils inspired and your audiences engaged whilst enjoying great value with BenQ’s interactive flat panel displays. BenQ’s latest in education technology has been designed to suit all classroom environments, teaching methods, learning styles and budgets.

The eye-care technology allows teachers to deliver brilliant lessons in Full HD but with less eye fatigue. Features such as Flicker Free and Low Blue Light can reduce the risk of eye strain and long term eye problems, such as macular degeneration. The sleek design coupled with the latest LCD technology, with Full HD 1080p resolution, gives an outstanding viewing experience and unparalleled image quality. When teachers and students want to collaborate or interact, the panels deliver a fast, smooth and reliable and up to a 20 touch points.

BenQ Interactive flat panel

BenQ Flat Interactive Panel

The 70″, 79″ and 84” offers 4k (Ultra HD) resolution and delivers amazing picture quality and excellent in-built scaling. You still get a great viewing experience with excellent image quality, even if your content is lower resolution, the 20 touch points make for even better interaction and group working.

Oktopus comes free of charge with the BenQ range, and options to include SMART Notebook 15, along with a 3-year Notebook Advantage subscription are available.

The BenQ range also helps reduce electricity costs. This is because all models are fan-less, with an inbuilt ambient light sensor to automatically adjust screen brightness as light changes in the classroom, ensuring that you always get the best picture quality.



The DisplayNote® wireless screen sharing and presentation software is included with all BenQ panels. This enables teachers to stream content to multiple students across multiple devices. This fantastic tool has been designed to allow you to capture your presentations or lessons on your devices to review later and personalise content with notes, annotations, and memos. The cross-platform collaboration functionality allows students and teachers to work together on presentations or lesson slides, you simply launch DisplayNote and ask participants to join via the DisplayNote app. Once connected, everything you do on screen is shown on the participant’s screens, wirelessly.



ViewSonic was founded in 1987 and quickly became a key player in the visual display market, driven by the belief that displays have the power to transform everyday lifestyles. ViewSonic has been a market leader with some of the latest visual technologies on the market for more than two and a half decades. They have more than 30 offices around the world and their products are sold in more than 125 countries.

ViewSonic Interactive Flat Panel

ViewSonic® Full HD interactive flat panel

The ViewSonic® Full HD interactive flat panel display is a perfect solution for interactive business and educational classroom applications.

20-point touch-enabled display, paired with PC-less operation and pre-installed annotation software, allows multiple users to simultaneously write or draw on the display’s 7H hardness surface using fingers or styluses. 350-nit brightness and wide viewing angles provide better visual performance in well-lit rooms, while Flicker-Free and Blue Light filter technologies create a more comfortable viewing environment.

With a built-in dual core processor and 8GB internal storage, as well as versatile connectivity including HDMI, VGA, RS232, RJ45 and USB ports, this display provides powerful computing for annotation and multimedia playback without the need for a PC. The Energy Star certified displays deliver optional slot-in PC (NMP711-P10) capability with Windows® 10 OS and ViewBoard annotation software, for more computing-intensive interactive applications.

The series features a VESA-compatible design and can be placed on a wall mount, or on an optional trolley cart for flexible installation in classrooms and corporate meeting rooms.

Available in 55”, 65”, 70” and 84”.